Memos and Announcements

There are two different types of messages available in to assist with communication among your team members. Below is a breakdown of each message type and how they are typically used.


Memos are one-way, private notes managers can write directly to specific users. A typical memo might read, “Good work yesterday!” or “Please enter your time off request before the weekend.” The user will see the memo the next time they log in. Users can dismiss a memo once it’s been read, but all previous memos are saved in the memo history. To send a memo and view memo history:

  1. Click to the Dashboard and then on the gear wheel gear icon to the left of a user’s name.
  2. Under the user’s name at the top of the page, click the blue Send a Memo to link.
  3. Enter your message in the text box that appears, and click the Save button.
  4. Click the History button to view previous memos sent to this user.


Announcements are company-wide messages that can be scheduled in advance. A good use of this feature might be to remind all employees to electronically sign their timesheets or to give notice of an upcoming holiday. Users will see announcements as a banner at the top of their screen upon their next login. To create an announcement:

  1. Click Announcements in the left menu.
  2. Type your announcement in the Announcement Text field.
  3. Under When should employees be able to see this announcement? to the right, choose whether to show the announcement immediately or schedule it for a later date and time.
  4. Click the Add Announcement button.

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