Viewing and Updating Subscription Information

Follow the instructions below to manage your current subscription and reduce or increase the number of user licenses on your account. Access to this page is only available to the primary administrator of the account.

  1. Click the gear wheel icon in the upper-right.
  2. Click My Account
  3. Click the blue Add or Remove Licenses or Premium Services link.
  4. Choose your new license tier, and click the Continue to Select Your Options button. 
  5. Add any optional features that you may need, and click the Continue to Checkout button. 
  6. Re-enter your payment details and confirm. If you are adding licenses, a prorated charge will be applied for the remainder of the billing period. If you are removing licenses, no change will take place until the next billing cycle, which will be billed at the new amount.

Note: If you are attempting to reduce the number of user licenses on your account, but you are unable to select a lower license tier on the Choose Your Plan page, you will need to deactivate one or more user accounts first. You will not be able to reduce licenses until you have archived users down to the number of active accounts you’d like to select. Refer to this article for detailed instructions.

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