4. Closed Payroll Period Report

Payroll reports calculate data from users’ hourly timesheets. The reports can be viewed, emailed, or downloaded from report number 4, the Closed Payroll Period Reports page.

Please refer to our Closing a Payroll Period article in the Hourly Time Tracking section of the Help Pages for instructions on closing payroll periods.

Viewing, Exporting, and Emailing Payroll Reports

To access closed payroll reports:

  1. Click Reports in the left menu.
  2. Click to report number 4, Closed Payroll Period Reports.

Closed payroll reports are shown in the table and are listed in reverse chronological order according to the date in the Closed On column (i.e., the most recently closed pay period is in the first row).

  • Click the expand expand button to the left of a report to view a list of included users.
  • Click the View view button to view the report on your screen.
  • Click the Export export arrow button to show the export menu. You may choose your desired format from the drop-down menu and click the Download button to retrieve your file, or click the Email This Report to send the file to your payroll processor. (Payroll processor email addresses can be saved on the Data Export tab of the Company Settings page.)
  • Click the Re-open reopen button to delete the report and restore the time records to the users’ timesheets in order to make any necessary corrections. Note that when you reopen a report that contained a deactivated user, that user will be automatically reactivated but with a disabled login status. The user will need to be deactivated again once corrections are made and the pay period is re-closed.

Payroll Reports for A Specific User

To view all payroll reports for a specific user, select their name from the Show Report For drop-down menu at the top of the payroll reports page. The page will reload but display payroll information for only the desired user. This is useful to isolate the user so you can view, export, or re-open their time records individually.

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