Archiving Project Time

Archiving old, or billed, project time helps keep data in your account current by keeping values visible on the dashboard reflecting of current period totals. Archived time records are also moved off the Timesheets tab to the Archived tab on user timesheets.

Archived time records are locked from editing, but they can still be included in reports. Records can also be un-archived if editing becomes necessary. Individual records can be archived directly from the timesheet by clicking the corresponding padlock icon archive lock in the far right column.

To archive records in bulk, use the Archive Time feature:

  1. Click Archive Project Time in the left menu.
  2. Set the date rage.
  3. Choose users, customers and/or other list items to filter (include or exclude) from the process.
  4. Click the Archive button to view a preliminary report of records to be archived.
  5. Review the data set for accuracy. You may deselect any individual records that you wish to exclude using the check boxes in the left column.
  6. Click the Archive the Time Shown Below button at the top of the page to complete the process.

Note: You may also unarchive or delete project time using the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the Archive Project Time page.

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