Clocking In/Out with GPS Geolocation

Before attempting to clock in or out with geolocation (GPS), please ensure that location services are enabled on your device. (Refer to the articles for common Andriod and iOS settings in the Desktop and Mobile Setup section of the Help Pages for detailed instructions.) To clock in/out with geolocation: Log […]

Requesting an Hourly Timesheet Edit

You may be able to request edits to existing time entries on your timesheet. If the feature is enabled in your account, you will see the editand split icons to the right of each record. The Split feature is used when you need to insert an unpaid break into the […]

Clocking In/Out with Photo Timestamp

Clocking in and out with Photo Timestamp must be done from a desktop or laptop computer, as the feature is not supported on mobile devices and tablets. To clock in or out with Photo Timestamp: Log into your account at Click the Clock In or Clock Out button in […]

Signing Your Timesheet

If you are asked to electronically sign your timesheet: Log into your account, and click to the appropriate Hourly or Project timesheet. (Note: If you have both hourly and project timesheets enabled, you may switch between them using the Hourly Time and Project Time buttons beneath your name at […]

Time Off Requests

Submitting a Time Off Request If time off tracking is enabled for your account, you may submit a time off request by doing the following: Click Time Off Request in the left menu to access the Time Entry form. Choose the Time Classification for the record (Sick, Vacation, PTO, etc.). […]

First-Time Login

To set up your account, your first login must be from the main, desktop version of the website. You can access the desktop version by clicking here to log in: here will open a new browser tab so this page will stay open) Before You Start You will need […]

Resetting Your Password

If you are having issues logging into your account, you may reset your own password as long as there is a valid email address in the system for your account. If you do not use your email address to log in, please request a password reset from your supervisor. To […]

Re-Send Welcome Emails

Use this feature to send welcome emails to large groups at the same time. This feature is also useful for manually resetting user passwords when multiple users need their passwords reset. This process will reset passwords and re-send the original welcome emails that users receive when their account is new. […]

Global Time Entry

The Global Time Entry feature allows you to enter records for all users—or a subset of users—simultaneously. This is useful for entering company holidays for eligible employees. Note that this process cannot be reversed unless by individually deleting the records from each user’s timesheet. To use this form: Click Tools […]

Work Time Calculator

The work time calculator is a simple tool that can be used to calculate total hours over a given time period without entering records onto a user’s timesheet. To use this form: Set the number of rows to display in the field at the top of the page, and click […]

Update Multiple User Profiles

This tool can be used to adjust settings found on the Options tab of user settings for any subset of users or all users at once. Refer to this section of the Help Pages for a detailed explanation of each of these settings. To use this page: Navigate to the […]

Billable/Unbillable Project Time Converter

This tool allows managers to simultaneously change the status for a group of records to billable or unbillable. This tool also allows you to change the bill rate back to default. To use the converter: Click Tools in the left menu, and then click the Billable/Unbillable Project Time Converter. Set […]

Comp Time Converter

This form allows you to convert overtime and/or double time into accrued or compensatory (comp) time. Comp time is stored using one of the three available accrual balances. This allows you the flexibility to add compensatory time to an existing accrual balance like Vacation, or rename an existing accrual category […]

Geolocation Security Settings

Overview Our geolocation GPS feature gives employers the ability to capture the locations from which their employees clock in and out when using the mobile site. Managers can then see location information on employee timesheets or run reports to see a map of clock punches over a time period (see […]

Time Entry Cutoff

To access  Time Entry Cutoff settings: Click the gear wheel icon in the upper-right, and click Company Settings. Navigate to the Security tab. Click on the link to  Time Entry Cutoff.  The Time Entry Cutoff feature can be used to set cut-off dates and timestamps for time and expense entries. If a cut-off […]

Memos and Announcements

There are two different types of messages available in to assist with communication among your team members. Below is a breakdown of each message type and how they are typically used. Memos Memos are one-way, private notes managers can write directly to specific users. A typical memo might read, […]

Viewing and Updating Subscription Information

Follow the instructions below to manage your current subscription and reduce or increase the number of user licenses on your account. Access to this page is only available to the primary administrator of the account. Click the gear wheel icon in the upper-right. Click My Account.  Click the blue Add […]

Changing the Primary Administrator

Each account has an owner referred to as the primary administrator. By default, this is the user who initially created and set up the account. All receipts and official communications are directed to the primary administrator, and he/she is the only user with direct access to payment and subscription […]

Login Issues

Users may at times experience difficulties logging into—or staying logged into—their accounts. Please review the solutions below, and if problems persist, feel free to contact us for assistance.  Automatic Logout Try adjusting your automatic logout time limit. If your account remains idle beyond the selected logout time limit, you will […]

Section 7. Extended Security & Permissions

7-A. Require supervisor authorization for all hourly time entries and edits by Employee? This setting controls whether hourly time entries (using the manual time entry form) and edits need to be approved by a user’s supervisor before they are paid or archived on the timesheet. (The default setting for new […]