Email Address Is Already in Use

Sometimes employees return to work after having been laid off, or move from one office to another. There are many reasons why an email address might already be in the database. If you attempt to add an employee and receive a message about the email address already being in […]

Correcting Closed Payroll Reports

If you found a mistake in a closed payroll report, you can re-open the report to make corrections. Visit the Closed Payroll Reports page from the Reports section and look for the openicon in the far right column. Note that payroll reports can only be opened sequentially backwards to avoid […]

Correcting an Incorrect Time Zone

New users are created with the time zone of their supervisor unless specifically set to different values. When time zones are incorrect, they can be changed only when the hourly timesheet is empty. If there is any unarchived or unpaid time on the hourly timesheet, managers will not able able […]

Time Not Included In Payroll Report

Occasionally, users will encounter an issue with timestamps at the beginning of a payroll period that are not included in a payroll report even though the dates are set correctly. There are two possible causes for this issue: Work Day Start Time The administrator has modified the employee’s work day […]

Publishing and Unpublishing Schedules

Schedules can be published or unpublished to control whether users are allowed to see them. Each individual schedule entry is initially only visible to managers until it is published. Unpublished schedule entries appear on screen with a red background while published entries appear with a green background. You can publish […]

Schedule Sharing Permissions

By default, a user’s supervisor—as well as any administrators on the account—can view their schedule. Additional permissions for sharing schedules among users must be manually adjusted in the user’s settings. To access these settings: From the dashboard, click the gear wheel icon to the left of a user’s name. Navigate […]

Accessing Referred Client Accounts

If your client has not yet created an account with we recommend you use the referral form first. This will email your client instructions on creating their account and will automatically affiliate their account with your ProPartner account. See this article for instructions. Before you can access the […]

Finding and Using the Tracking Code

If you wish to track click-through referrals from your web site or email to, you can do so by using a link with your personalized tracking code. To get your tracking code, log into your ProPartner account and click Tracking Code in the left menu. You will see your […]

Referring Clients

Once you have your ProPartner account set up, the next step is getting your clients started with Timesheets. To make this easy we’ve set up a referral form that will send an email to your client on how they can set up their account. When your client uses this referral […]

Understanding the Partner Dashboard

The Dashboard is your home page in your ProPartner account. It contains detailed information about the statuses of the businesses that you have referred to To view the dashboard, log into your ProPartner account. Once on the dashboard, click on the appropriate tab to view information about each of […]

5. Customizable Hourly Timesheet Report

Hourly time reports can be run for a custom selection of users, with a variety of customizable parameters, over any date range up to 366 days. Note: This report uses unprocessed hourly time data (i.e., before any overtime or deduction calculations have been made). See below for instructions on running […]

4. Closed Payroll Period Report

Payroll reports calculate data from users’ hourly timesheets. The reports can be viewed, emailed, or downloaded from report number 4, the Closed Payroll Period Reports page. Please refer to our Closing a Payroll Period article in the Hourly Time Tracking section of the Help Pages for instructions on closing payroll […]

10. Customizable Project Timesheet Report

Reports on project time can be run for a custom selection of users, with a variety of customizable parameters, over any date range up to 366 days. To use this form: Click Reports in the left menu. Click to report number 10, Customizable Reports under Project Time Tracking. Using the […]

11. Customizable Expense Report

Expense reports can be run for a custom selection of users, with a variety of customizable parameters, over any date range up to 366 days. To use this form: Click Reports in the left menu. Click to report number 11, Customizable Reports under Mileage & Expense Tracking. Using the two […]

HR Files

The Files tab of an employee’s HR Docs page provides a place where administrators and select supervisors may upload relevant employee documents for easy access. Employees do not have access to these files. Examples of such documents might include an employee handbook, hire paperwork, employment contract, etc. To use this […]

HR Notes

The Notes tab of the HR Docs page provides administrators and select supervisors a place where notes can be made and stored for each employee. This section is not visible to the employee and might be used for occasional performance-related notes or to record when a piece of equipment was […]

Performance Documents

The Performance Documents tab of an employee’s HR Docs page offers a simple, uniform way to keep track of an employee’s performance with a number of useful, preformatted documents. Note: Only administrators and select supervisors have access to these documents which can be printed in PDF format. To create a […]

Time Off Reports

The Customizable Hourly Timesheet report can also be used to view time off entries for a user or group of users over a given date range. To run this report: Click Reports in the left menu. Click to report number 5, Customizable Timesheet Report. Set the date range for the […]

Export Formats

There are several places from which data can be exported to your computer or other services. Standard payroll reports (report number 4, Closed Payroll Period Reports) offer a variety of file types and export formats for various payroll services. Click the export icon and then select one of the download […]

7. Overlapping Records Report

When attempting to close payroll, you may occasionally see an error message indicating that there are overlapping records for one or more employees The payroll period report could not be generated because of overlapping timestamps for: [employee name] This problem happens when there are 2 time records for the same […]

Entering Project Time From a Mobile Device

When entering project time from a mobile device there are two options: Project Entry and Project Timers. Below are instructions on how to enter time using either method. Using the Project Entry Form Tap Project Entry from the main menu of the mobile site. Select the date for the entry. […]

8. Location and Tardy Reports

The Location and Tardy report can be used to view geolocation data, IP addresses for clock punches, and attendance status for multiple users within a date range of up to 45 days. To run this report: Click Reports in the left menu. Click to report number 8, Location & Tardy […]

Sage 50 Support customers can import timesheet data into Sage 50 by exporting their data to one of several available CSV export file formats. Sage 50 allows a user to map a CSV to their required fields for data import. Downloading an Hourly Time Report for Sage 50 Click Reports in the […]

Mileage, Expense, and Receipt Entry

Mileage and expenses can be entered using a form located on the Expense Entry tab on a user’s Expenses page. This form is available on both the desktop and mobile version of the website. Please refer to this article to find detailed instructions for using the expense entry form. Tracking […]

Vendors and Events

Expenses can be tracked using the three lists also available for project time tracking (Customer, Project, and Account Code), but there are two additional lists available only for expense tracking: Vendors and Events. Vendors are generally entered as the recipients of payments (e.g., hotels, distributors, restaurants, gas stations, etc.). The […]

Reconciling Expenses

The process of reconciling expenses moves expense entries from the Open Expenses tab to the Reconciled tab and is analogous to the hourly and project time archiving process. As with project or hourly time entries, archived expenses can still be viewed in reports, but they will not contribute to the […]

Bonuses, Commissions, Per Diems, and Cash Advances

In addition to mileage and reimbursable expenses, non-expensed employee costs can also be tracked using the expense tracking tool. To track non-expense costs like bonuses, create a new item on the vendor list for the corresponding category (i.e., name the vendor “Bonus” or “Commission”). Refer to our “Setting Up Vendors” […]